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We, Soraso, are Thailand's premier provider of hotel software solutions. Our comprehensive suite of products spans front office to back office operations, ensuring seamless workflows for hospitality businesses. Our mission is to develop software that truly simplifies the lives of hoteliers. By focusing on our customers' needs, we design user-friendly products that effectively address daily operational challenges. Additionally, every product is crafted by experienced hoteliers, ensuring they meet the real-world demands of the industry.


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Our Story

Soraso was founded in 2022 as a subsidiary of Smart Finder, a renowned leader in hotel technology provider. Recognizing a unique niche, Soraso was established with a laser-focused vision: to cater specifically to the needs of hoteliers. At the heart of Soraso’s inception was the goal of empowering hoteliers with tailored software solutions, enabling them to enhance operational efficiency and elevate guest experiences.

Vision and Mission


To be the leading innovator in hotel software solutions, transforming the hospitality industry by empowering hoteliers with the tools they need to enhance efficiency and elevate guest experiences.


Our mission is to develop cutting-edge, practical software that simplifies hotel operations and drives productivity. We prioritize understanding our clients' needs to create intuitive, user-friendly solutions that address everyday challenges, fostering innovation and continuous improvement in the hospitality sector.

Our Investor

Sea Group

Sea Group is a tech conglomerate listed on the NYSE. The company operates three core businesses that most people must know of:

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