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Published: 2024-06-11

Make Group Reservations

Make Group Reservations

How To Make Group Reservations

  1. Once you’re logged in, select the "Group and Block" menu from the left sidebar.
  2. Click the "Make Reservation" button. You will be directed to the new booking page.
  3. Click the magnifier icon to filter available rooms by conditions of your choice, such as date range.
  4. Once done, click "Check."
  5. Select any room type for your reservation by clicking the pencil icon in the corresponding row.
  6. A modal will pop up. Enter the number of rooms, number of guests, and other details. Click "Confirm" when finished.
  7. To select a rate code, click the pencil icon under the "Rate Code" column in the same row as your selected room type. Another modal will appear, allowing you to apply a rate code to this booking. Select the rate code, and once done, click "Confirm."
  8. You can select other room types by repeating the previous steps.
  9. To proceed, click the "Add to Cart and Continue" button.
  10. You’ll be redirected to the new booking screen. Input booking information and the guest profile just as you would when making a normal reservation.
  11. For a group reservation, head over to the "Group and Party" section. Select an existing group code by clicking the magnifier button.
  12. If you want to create a new group, type in the group code and group name directly, along with other details.
  13. Ensure all required fields are correctly filled. Click "Confirm" to finalize the group reservation.

That’s it. You’ve just successfully created a group reservation.

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