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Published: 2024-05-06

IT Samui Event 27/04/2024

IT Samui Event 27/04/2024

27/04/2024 - Hotel software company, Soraso, recently made a strong showing at the IT Samui Event. The company showcased its latest solutions and connected with key players in the tech industry. Soraso's participation highlights their commitment to innovation in the hospitality sector. 440937892_758561619738333_7145428942531024878_n.jpg 440978479_758561733071655_6713060733794549005_n.jpg 440928621_758561769738318_3640415923280272671_n.jpg 440353169_758561679738327_1980521594563293254_n.jpg 439451985_758599149734580_4286743171128739011_n.jpg 440392899_758561676404994_1226338352025177475_n.jpg 440886764_758561623071666_4009744905851397372_n.jpg 440820624_758561836404978_6140630677125519715_n.jpg 440856777_758561663071662_2536577457147476783_n.jpg

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